WellMed is driven to deliver diagnostic services that’ll benefit patients, healthcare providers, companies, life insurance companies and employers.


Why use our Laboratory services
1. Fast Turn Around Time (TAT): We are committed to providing precise and dependable results as quickly as possible. We aim to provide exceptional results and therefore treat samples as they come, so that patients can receive immediate diagnosis and treatment from their Doctors.

2. Expert Services and Advice:
We have a  large complement of Consultant Pathologists covering the specialties of Hematology,chemistry, Clinical Pathology and Microbiology within Nigeria giving us the opportunity to provide you with additional information which you may require in interpreting results or investigating and managing your patients

3. Sample Logistics & Transportation:
We can provide transportation of the samples from any Hospital / Clinic to our laboratory using dispatch riders and will deliver the results to you by any of the following means:

  • Web Portal
  • Email
  • Hard copy

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